Original prints and paintings by Judy Anderson

About the Artist

Judy Anderson is an artist who specializes in original, mixed-media printmaking.  Working out of her studio in Bremerton, Washington, she creates both unique prints (monoprints) and small editions of her individually hand-colored drypoint prints.

Using a Conrad etching press, the process involves pressing dampened paper over whatever "plate" she is using, generally wood, zinc, plexiglass, or treated Masonite.  She uses high-quality cotton rag paper, as the paper must hold up to multiple runs through the press, as well as watercolor and oil pencil marks.

Anderson learned printmaking while first studying art.  She graduated with a BFA in Printmaking from the University of Washington in 1997, and has been making art ever since.  Her artwork shows in local galleries and venues as well as in Southern California.

When asked about the subject matter, Anderson would rather defer to the work itself.  Often whimsical, always somewhat abstract, the imagery reflects the world she sees in all its contradictions and lost innocence, though the simplicity and hope continually remain.
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